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My plastic dog figurines

0 My plastic dog figurinesI showed 130 in this video and then i have about 18 more in my closet somewhere

Duration : 0:12:45

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4 Responses to “My plastic dog figurines”

  1. skyekimi says:

    Awesome collection! … Awesome collection!! I used to take my figures outside and bury them in the
    dirt too. O.O xD Awesome Dalmation figurine collection. May I ask what
    happened to Sandy?? What brand is the little Norwhich Terrier looking dog
    in the bottom right corner at 9:26?

  2. chin love says:

    Awesome collection … Awesome collection ! I have 100 or something like that XD

  3. SmirkyJr says:

    For the custom ones … For the custom ones, which paint is best to repaint them with? I’d like to
    customize some of my current dog figures. :P

  4. Webkinzpuppylove101 says:

    Wow a lot of nice … Wow a lot of nice figures ❤

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