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{Bobble Head} Puppy / Dog Charm/Mini Figurine Rainbow Loom Tutorial

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Hi everyone!

So I got a TON of requests for a dog on my last animal video, so here it is! I hope you like it!

Love all around,

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Thumbnail Font: “Dog” in Fat Marker font by
Thumbnail Font: “tutorialsbya” in Cookie Monster font by Des Gomez

Duration : 0:28:7

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25 Responses to “{Bobble Head} Puppy / Dog Charm/Mini Figurine Rainbow Loom Tutorial”

  1. Tracey Yarlott says:

    my dog’s shnoz [ … my dog’s shnoz [nose] fell off! but, oh well. he still looksn adorbes! BTW,
    I named him Cuddles

  2. Valeria Lopez says:

    If you don’t have … If you don’t have brown or light brown you can use neon orange (you can get
    it at the craft store)and you can use sparkly orange that you can get from
    Walmart and it will look like a golden retriever it’s what I did

  3. giselle villalobos says:

    You should make an … You should make an alpaca or a llama!

  4. TutorialsByA™ says:

    TutorialsByA™ TutorialsByA™

  5. micheala lucero says:

    how do you do it … how do you do it without the bobblehead

  6. Amna Hasan says:

    I made mine neon … I made mine neon purple and neon pink its so cute!!!! I even made a tongue
    by replacing a pink band with red! Adobbes!!!!

  7. Vika Cobb says:

    Thank u so much for … Thank u so much for all of ur vids. Love them. Please don’t listen to
    people that chose to be rude like Noelle & Jewels and Chloe Cas well.
    Listen to people like Marie Lion. U rock. Thanks so much. And if u can,
    please figure out how to make a walrus or polar bear. Please and thank u.
    Please post more tutorials. Bye

  8. TheJellyBeanize says:

    No tail? Aw … No tail? Aw nevermind i will make the one from the Unicorn!

  9. Alex Arias says:

    I hate dogs I hate dogs

  10. Maddie and Makeup says:

    My doggie looks … My doggie looks just like yours

  11. Antonia Weck says:

    I made It in blue. … I made It in blue. Itas realy nice

  12. Millie Barber says:

    Mine failed!!!!

     Mine failed!!!!


  13. Tona jeronimo says:

    I love your vides I love your vides

  14. Aida Aldana says:

    pls make a tiger pls make a tiger

  15. Grace Shepherd says:

    This charm is … This charm is adorable. :-)

  16. Tomek Moczerniuk says:

    I love the way you … I love the way you do your tutorials!
    Can you make a cute frog charm?
    Those are my favorite animals

  17. ERK1925 says:

    Could you make a … Could you make a puppy from 101 dalmations please thanks

  18. micheala lucero says:

    could you please do … could you please do a tiger or lion? all the ones I’ve seen on YouTube
    aren’t so great

  19. Skye's vlogs,hauls,crafts! says:

    i followed the … i followed the steps mine came out loose but it still is really cute!

  20. Grace Lot says:

    do you like kittens … do you like kittens 

  21. Kz says:

    Can you make a … Can you make a chihuahua made by hook 

  22. lPS cute animal pawZ says:

    I made mine and … I made mine and looks exactly like yours I had the same color

  23. Jaelynn Mitra says:

    TutorialsByA can u … TutorialsByA can u make a tiger charm / mini figurine
    Thank you!

  24. Rachel Jiang says:

    Can u make a … Can u make a hamster charm?

  25. Don Brushaber says:

    This puppy was so … This puppy was so cute! I am thanking you in the biggest way: THANK

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