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Three Best Toys for Dogs -Kong, Nylabone, Skinless ball

0 Three Best Toys for Dogs  Kong, Nylabone, Skinless ballLearn which three toys are indispensible for your puppy or dog, some tips for choosing them and one extra way to make them fun for your dog. They are available at petstores. Supervise their use at first, then once you have established that they are safe for your dog, they make great toys to keep them busy while you are away.

Please boycott Kong products until they remove their connection with Cesar Millan whose training methods are detrimental to dogs, not to mention outdated!
Here’s awebsite that has great kong filling recipes!

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25 Responses to “Three Best Toys for Dogs -Kong, Nylabone, Skinless ball”

  1. dsuecroley says:

    My dog got hung up … My dog got hung up in our curtain string and almost hung himself when I went to get the paper.(close to death) My point is unsupervised, it can and will happen.

  2. BonnieLass7 says:

    My 11 month old … My 11 month old golden setter mix love all three of these. I’m looking forward to trying some of the kong stuffers and the string wrap thing.

  3. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    Also try more … Also try more natural products such as large deer antlers.

  4. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    Check if your … Check if your retailer has a guarantee. if they do, you can get your money back. (Many do offer it on Kong products) Search the internet for “dog products for very strong chewers” and see what comes up. Ask around on a facebook or yahoo group list what other products people recommend.

  5. JAG562 says:

    my dog destroyed … my dog destroyed the black kong ball and they dont have a bigger one what do i do know :/

  6. williamkong123 says:


  7. supernaturalbc2008 says:

    That’s called pica. … That’s called pica. it can be dangerous for dogs and wears their teeth as well.

  8. ElementalDarkness5 says:

    My dog eat a rock … My dog eat a rock i don’t think that’s natural o.O

  9. misorange says:

    they use kongs for … they use kongs for lions and tigers at the zoo, those things would survive a nuclear holocaust!

  10. TheKSProduction says:

    okay. i love you! … okay. i love you! never thought of putting putting kongs stuffed with peanut butter in the freezer!!!!…makes much better sense…

  11. supernaturalbc2008 says:

    Not if it’s … Not if it’s supervised as all toys should be. There are very few toys you can leave with a puppy unattended. Kong, Nylabone and skinless tennis ball (provided it is large enough for the dog not to swallow) are three.

  12. camerakid77 says:

    the last toy were … the last toy were you wrapped the stuff around it is kinda a choking hazzerd

  13. tropirei says:

    Thanks! Thanks!

  14. sapharie305 says:

    nice job. nice job.

  15. MrNaturalMan says:

    Good tips! Good tips!

  16. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    I am not a fan … I am not a fan because of both the tanning chemicals and the smell.

  17. doncorleone7889 says:

    Thanks. Ive been … Thanks. Ive been giving my dog cows ears to chew he loves them. What do you think of cow and pigs ears for dogs?

  18. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    They actually do … They actually do chew off tiny pieces each time they chew. Most of these get swallowed. I always supervise when they chew. Once I had a piece break off by my really tough chewer but that was a flavor that is no longer made.

  19. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    No, they lick it as … No, they lick it as it thaws and it provides a good workout. It’s actually a great idea for teething pups too.

  20. supernaturalbc2009 says:

    Yes, you do have to … Yes, you do have to be careful about which one you choose. Years ago I bought a carrot flavored one (no longer on the market) and my stronger chewer broke off a chunk. He was a smart dog and didn’t eat it. I always supervise when they chew and in fact, my current two dogs love to have me hold the nylabone as they chew it! It’s our daily bonding ritual. Now that I feed raw, I also feed big raw meaty bones occassionally.

  21. doncorleone7889 says:

    I dont like the … I dont like the nylabone. I got the white one for power chewers and my dog was breaking pieces (to big to pass) within 15 minutes. Love the kongs though.

  22. AgilityFox says:

    It will last longer … It will last longer.

    The frozen food being inside the kong, the dog can’t chew directly on it.
    The dog has to chew on the kong to squish the food out.
    Unless he prefers to wait untill the food thaws.

  23. amandaspets says:

    great tips! I … great tips! I wouldn’t give my dog cheese whiz though; it has lots of yucky processed stuff in it.

  24. spicawaup247 says:

    my dog toy is … my dog toy is better. check it out on you tube: tough as a rocco dog toy.

  25. nataliawasilewska97 says:

    why did you say … why did you say put it in the freezer??? Wouldn’t that hurt dogs gums????

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