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The Greatest Ferret Cage (Ferret Nation Cage) and playpen MUST SEE

0 The Greatest Ferret Cage (Ferret Nation Cage) and playpen  MUST SEEHi Everyone! I feel the Ferret Nation cage is the best ferret cage quality, safe home for your ferrets. The set up with the playpen in front of the cage enables the ferrets to come out and play or go back into the cage and eat/drink/sleep. This activity is in addition to the ferrets getting play time in the ferret proofed family room.

This is just an informal look at a possible set-up for your ferrets daily fun zone. There are may possible ways to arrange the playpen and cage. They do not need to be connected.

My ferrets are getting older and do not chew and cannot escape the set-up now. Lily did escape when I had a box that was to high and close to the side of the playpen.

I feed Evo ferret food and make them Duck Soup! They get Ferret Tone in a bottle for a treat of vitamins and I put a spot of it on their tummy to help keep them busy while I clip their nails.

If you are interested in getting a ferret investigate volunteering at a local rescue/shelter that deals with ferrets to see if they are the right pet for you!
Please consider adopting a pair of ferrets from your local rescue or shelter. The rescue agency/shelter can educate you about the world of ferrets! Also, a rescued ferret is great for a first time ferret owner. The rescue is there to help you give your new friend the best care possible. Also, the rescue/shelter can direct you to a good vet in the area that handles exotics, like ferrets.

I wish you the best in your world!

This video produced with iMovie all the music, titles and backgrounds are licensed through purchasing the program to be used for personal use.

Helpful information can be found in this mailing list! Please subscribe to the Ferret Mailing List (FML). You can ask questions regarding behaviors, illnesses or care for your ferrets. If you are new this is a great place to turn to!

The Ferret Mailing List
Moderator: Bill Gruber
Messages pertaining to the FML should be sent to:
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subscriptions, questions, problems, etc.:

Email this list & post questions. Become a subscriber & anyone will help w/?’s

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24 Responses to “The Greatest Ferret Cage (Ferret Nation Cage) and playpen MUST SEE”

  1. holly dewitt says:

    where did you buy … where did you buy your ferret cage ? could you send me the link from where you ordered it ? &

  2. SwaggedOutFerret says:


  3. hesawdabestinme says:

    How much r they How much r they

  4. franchesdun says:

    Welcome to the … Welcome to the world of Ferrets! They do amble oddly and they are itchy little guys. I feel it is build up energy.

  5. Chelsea Van Handel says:

    Also, I’m not sure … Also, I’m not sure how Ferrets walk….never had one before, but it looks like he’s walking funny and he itches alot.

  6. Chelsea Van Handel says:

    Hi, I just bought a … Hi, I just bought a Ferret off of Craigslist today and he’s acting funny.He’s two and a half and champagne colored. He’s been calm and not playing but I’m not sure if that’s from being in a new place or because he’s sick. He’s pretty skinny.I can feel his ribs and spine. He’s laying around, breathing kinda heavy.His poop is slimy and pee looks fine.He’s been eating and drinking alot. He came from a home with alot of other animals I’m not sure if that is why or not. If anyone knows please help me

  7. Chelsea Van Handel says:

    Hi there, just … Hi there, just bought a Ferret today. He’s awfully skinny and keeping running around itching himself, drinking lots of water and eating lots of food. Why?

  8. franchesdun says:

    It is an … It is an informative video. This video is only presented to offer ideas of how to set up a cage and playpen for your ferrets..

  9. xXJanValentineXx says:

    They are just as … They are just as food sensitive as any other pet. You don’t want to go changing their food too much, it can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, etc. And yes. Generally what they grow up with is what they’ll want to eat. But their appetite can be curved by gradually adding one food to the one they are used to until they get used to the new food. As far as treats, what one ferret might like, another might not. So yes. They are finicky.

  10. xXJanValentineXx says:

    Most deaf ferrets … Most deaf ferrets have a white stripe/spot on their head, or on the bottom/underneath of their tail. They tend to turn upside down a lot when standing up against something, and when awake, they won’t react to certain things like non deaf ferrets do. (Vacuum cleaner, dog barking, etc.) Have 5 ferrets, my only girl is deaf, and has been from birth.

  11. xXJanValentineXx says:

    Not really. the … Not really. the ferret could just be in dead sleep, in which case, nothing will wake them.

  12. xXJanValentineXx says:

    Also; Pay attention … Also; Pay attention to the food you’re buying. While one brand might be more expensive, this also generally means that they have ingredients that are better for your ferret. The higher quality the food, the longer it lasts, because they won’t need to eat as much of it. So the extra money really isn’t that extra at all, and your little fluffs are getting the nutrition they need.

  13. franchesdun says:

    I have money … I have money saving ideas on all of my educational videos. Use pine pellets about $7.00 per 40 lb bag! Remnant pcs of fabric for extra bedding. If you get the FN cage you will be in a good place to go forward. Use a cheap cat pan $3.oo and change versus 7 to $11 dollars per pan. Watch closely and look for inexpensive ideas.

  14. Alexa Spath says:

    i love your ferrets … i love your ferrets hey im not a ferret owner YET but i am preparing and i do not want to spend so much money but i do want to give them the best life does any one have any ideas. oh and i do want the ferret nation cage.

  15. franchesdun says:

    I feel one ferret … I feel one ferret needs at least a 3 ft by 2 foot cage with four hammocks, 1 hidey hut and litter box on one end of the cage and food/water on the other side.

  16. franchesdun says:

    Wait until your … Wait until your ferret is asleep and then take a pot and a wooden spoon. Beat the wooden spoon against the bottom of the pot. If the ferret wakes up the ferret can hear, if they do not wake up they are deaf. No biggy, just teach hand signals!

  17. amberlykens says:

    How can you tell if … How can you tell if your ferret is deaf, exactly?

  18. lovedrreid1 says:

    $150-$200 at petco … $150-$200 at petco or petsmart, a lot cheaper on craigslist.

  19. lovedrreid1 says:

    Ferrets need high … Ferrets need high protein meals many times a day. Any sugar or grain are good for treats, but very rarely (maybe once every couple weeks) and at small amounts. Ferrets also need a cage big enough to roam around, but should be let out to play. They usually sleep 16-20 hours a day anyways.

  20. Eastkid8 says:

    how big of a cage … how big of a cage dos one ferret need? and are they very food sensitive or picky?

  21. franchesdun says:

    California? Yeah, … California? Yeah, the government in that state is completely ignorant about the very simple fact that ferrets are domesticated and cannot live in the wild there. They do not know how to catch their own food. They understand kibble and sometimes do not even like what you give them.

  22. LoniYoni says:

    i would love have a … i would love have a ferret, but it’s illegal to own one here 🙁

  23. tonye681 says:

    How much is a … How much is a ferret

  24. franchesdun says:

    ferret . com When … ferret . com When they offer free shipping on items over $50.00

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