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Save your shoes, give your dog a Nylabone!

0 Save your shoes, give your dog a Nylabone!Dexter commits a fashion crime, but Paige saves the day—with a little help from Nylabone! Save your shoes by visiting to find a chew that’s perfect for your dog. Connect with Paige and see more of her amazing tricks at or at

Duration : 0:2:39

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24 Responses to “Save your shoes, give your dog a Nylabone!”

  1. Nylabone Products - Dog Chews, Toys & Treats! says:

    Save your shoes, … Save your shoes, give your dog a Nylabone!

  2. jean-louis oustric says:

    jean-louis oustric jean-louis oustric

  3. Sylvia Myers says:

    Way cute! Way cute!

  4. gomerthename says:

    Nylabone saves Nylabone saves

  5. Sazan Shehu says:

    what kind of dogs … what kind of dogs are these two in the video. can anyone tell me please??

  6. angparoparo says:

    i love it….verry … i love it….verry nice dog….

  7. Vin Velasquez says:


  8. DiaBeauty5528 says:

    this video make my … this video make my day <3

  9. knght1029 says:

    such a good dogie… such a good dogie…

  10. Jon G says:

    Is a border collie … Is a border collie and a collie mix

  11. MissLunarmagick says:

    That is so Cute! That is so Cute!

  12. Beth Grace says:

    Love Paige! Love Paige!

  13. abdclfclumpqrsttt123 says:

    aww so cute. until … aww so cute. until she looks at her credit card.

  14. Sazan Shehu says:

    is it an Australian … is it an Australian Red Border Collie??

  15. Cleo Relox says:

    intelligent … intelligent responsible dog,awesome creatures

  16. Dr B L Dashora says:

    very nice product very nice product

  17. Witz .O says:

    What a clever doggy … What a clever doggy! Bravo! Very well trained and that doggy deserves a
    special bag of yummy treats for doing it so well!! So sweet!

  18. ANNA CHEN says:


  19. ChesterCh00wee says:

    Oh that is just too … Oh that is just too cute!

  20. stephanie horne says:

    Dexter( : Dexter( :

  21. Tresh Lapuz says:

    wow great doggie i … wow great doggie i love it

  22. Fluffy288 says:

    wow what a good dog … wow what a good dog!!!

  23. Boris Kitty says:

    Whose credit card … Whose credit card did dat doggy use to buy dem new shoes? and hope dat
    kittehs werld dominashuns document wuz saved afore shopping online!!!

  24. Collin County Humane Society says:

    Save your shoes, … Save your shoes, give your dog a Nylabone!

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