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Paige, the Amazing Helper Dog Loves Nylabone!

0 Paige, the Amazing Helper Dog Loves Nylabone!Paige, the Amazing Helper Dog, will do just about anything to get a Nylabone! Connect with Paige and see more of her amazing tricks at

Special thanks to Orchestra for the use of the song “Ja Ja Blu” in this video. Check out his work by visiting:

Duration : 0:2:18

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25 Responses to “Paige, the Amazing Helper Dog Loves Nylabone!”

  1. Nylabone Products - Dog Chews, Toys & Treats! says:

    Paige, the Amazing … Paige, the Amazing Helper Dog Loves Nylabone!

  2. TheBooBell says:

    love it! so awesome … love it! so awesome! 🙂

  3. KrazyKateForLife says:

    Uhh Why Would You … Uhh Why Would You Let The Dog Put Your Waffle In Its Mouth? ~Nasty~

  4. Joey Ethel says:

    she is so adorable! she is so adorable!

  5. crAZyyFRaeK079 says:

    0:19 doggy says ” … 0:19 doggy says ” Hi Mommy “!!!

  6. Blake Tedeschi says:

    Bordie Collie 🙂 Bordie Collie 🙂

  7. wikiChihui says:

    What a great job! … What a great job! You two rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. samdawolf says:

    this is awsome. … this is awsome. hehe dog waffles.

  9. Khu san says:

    Why dogs are better … Why dogs are better then cats..

  10. coneycat says:

    Paige is amazing. … Paige is amazing. And I am laughing SO HARD at the waffle!

  11. canislps says:

    Great training job, … Great training job, fantastic dog-especially impressive that Paige does not
    eat the cat’s food, or the waffle! Couldn’t have my girls knowing how to
    open the fridge, it would be self-serve! Again, great job training and
    wonderful dog. ~Fellow dog trainer

  12. 916BobbyCat says:

    @Critique808 … @Critique808 yah! I would eat up that waffle & love it! Don’t yo know
    there are starving people in my trunk? Border Collies Rule ! u drool

  13. Julia Khalturina says:

    Este perro de vídeo … Este perro de vídeo inteligente ….

  14. cameryn duarte says:

    i love how the … i love how the kitten is totoaly terrified when the dog is puting away toys

  15. Critique808 says:

    I would not eat the … I would not eat the waffle because the dog put in his mouth. I would give
    it to the dog.

  16. Hazard says:

    that dog would make … that dog would make my life even much easyer, then it already is!

  17. WaveXWave says:

    hahaha super cute hahaha super cute

  18. stevelevy65 says:

    I love you dog i … I love you dog i had the same breed before there amazing dogs

  19. Kellen Mulhern says:

    lazy, lazy cats lazy, lazy cats

  20. OswaldsNightingale says:

    @KrazyKateForLife … @KrazyKateForLife RIGHT!? This dog is AMAZING! So many little things he
    knows how to do! This just proves animals are smart, or at least CAN BE.. I
    mean, plenty of PEOPLE are dumb as S**T..

  21. Kerv01 says:

    omgash D: 0:19 sec, … omgash D: 0:19 sec, wawawa<3 hugeablee x3

  22. smoore767 says:

    Your dog is amazing … Your dog is amazing, I have a collie but he’s nowhere near as clever as

  23. Tanja Zsofia B. Escalona says:

    does she always do … does she always do those things and you train her to do that

  24. Alexa Siminou says:

    haha this dog is … haha this dog is sooooooooooooooooooooooo………etc.etc.etc………
    funny and kinda smart!!!

  25. BalletFreak12345 says:

    the dog is … the dog is beautiful and so smart me looves it

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