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How To Protect Your Furniture From Pets

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Learn how to keep your puppy or kitten from chewing the furniture, or worse, with these pet training tips from Howcast.

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Step 1: Be consistent
Be consistent. If you don’t want animals on the couch, don’t make any exceptions. A stern “Off!” while pointing a dog to his bed should work for pooches. Cats will catch on if you repeat “No” in a loud voice as you physically remove them.

Step 2: Otherwise occupy them
Make sure your couch isn’t the only appealing thing to chew and claw by providing a scratching post for your cat and chew toys for your dog.

Cats respond best to bribery, so give Kitty a food treat every time she uses the post. As for Fido, give him a snack activity ball, which contains a dog treat inside.

Step 3: Repel them
Spray citrus- or mint-scented repellant on furniture to dissuade your four-legged friends from getting anywhere near them.

Step 4: Unnerve them
Make hopping on your good furniture unnerving for pets by covering the pieces with something unpleasant. Netting works will with cats, who hate snagging their nails. Bubble wrap or sticky paper will annoy both cats and dogs.

Step 5: Cover them
Cover your bed, sofa, and chairs with inexpensive throws, washable slipcovers, or those padded blankets that professional movers use.

Step 6: Barricade them
Install decorative iron gates or Dutch doors at the entries to rooms you want to keep off-limits to pets.

Did You Know?
Seventy percent of Americans view their pets as “companions” or “small children.”

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