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Hardy Talking Samoyed Puppy

0 Hardy Talking Samoyed Puppy11 week old Samoyed – Hardy – asking so politely for people food. He inherited his speaking voice from his mother, Zoe.

Duration : 0:0:56

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25 Responses to “Hardy Talking Samoyed Puppy”

  1. deez723 says:

    Stop harassing the … Stop harassing the dog and feed it. This is neglect in a big way. 

  2. Jeff Ellis says:

    Hey I was hoping … Hey I was hoping you could answer my questions too please :).

    Do they bark when people visit? I like a watch dog.

    Dio they make eye contact? I recently lost an american eskimo who did and I loved that about him.

    Thank you!

  3. Pranay Debnath says:

    so adorable so adorable

  4. Kris Hill says:

    Smart dog. He did … Smart dog. He did give you a big hint by nodding towards his bowl.

  5. 1996dongfang says:

    Thanks for sharing! … Thanks for sharing! This video remind me about our Somoyed doy when she was 3 months old. She is three and half years old now. Somoyed is kind of doy love everyone and friendly to everone. It’s the most loving dog bread.

  6. queenieluvhebe says:

    It looks so chubby … It looks so chubby and adorable.

  7. MegaTafe says:

    Samoyeds are … Samoyeds are probably one of the kindest dogs there is(alog with a few others ofc), and i am pretty sure they would get along with other dogs. But it’s true… they are quite destructive x3 Love to harraz and demolish little dolls or some kind of toy :’D

  8. Patrick De Santos says:

    So lovable 🙂 So lovable 🙂

  9. RasDil says:

    Looks like when he … Looks like when he is hungry, he gets a little bit “samoyed” :) ….*chuckling to myself*

  10. RefluxDetox says:

    Samoyeds are the … Samoyeds are the only breed of dog I like. They’re so beautiful and sweet.

  11. wysteriaqueenfaerie says:

    awwww how precious … awwww how precious!!!

  12. edgeninja says:

    He was referring to … He was referring to the pup’s DOG mother. You can barely hear him say “Zoe”.

  13. TheMg4everfriends says:

    Aww I have one but … Aww I have one but he is now old near 11 years already! I remember when he was like this <3 Still cute, of course I love him and aw he also asks for people food..Still nowadays he does..and as our first baby, he gets everything he wants hha (controlling of course) <3

  14. Helen Atkinson says:

    cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TheAspergerGuy says:

    “Just like his … “Just like his mother.” [video ends, then penis gets chopped off.] LOL

  16. Marina Rangelova says:

    Adorableness !!! < … Adorableness !!! <3 :3

  17. lucyliesinashes says:

    Aww. Mine used to … Aww. Mine used to do this. Then when she was big enough she’d just jump up and and get herself between you and the counter, lol.

  18. iamrebel1900 says:

    Mommy, I want a … Mommy, I want a treat NOW! lol

  19. wendy ayala says:

    lo amé :3 lo amé :3

  20. Chillboyx1 says:

    Samoyeds are … Samoyeds are hypoallergenic. Yes they shed a lot, but its more like hair. They don’t have the dander that is attached to the fur of most dogs. I had a samoyed for years, never had an allergic reaction to her, but I’m allergic to every other dog I’ve encountered. Especially my aunt’s Syberian Husky. Very dense, thick fur that everything sticks to, lots of dander!

  21. Elizabeth Tapia says:

    omg, my little … omg, my little samoyed, Loba do it that! *-*
    sorry for my bad english :C

  22. sophleigh21 says:

    That is one VERY … That is one VERY VERY VERY cute cute cute SAMOYED !!!!!! …. i am getting a samoyed in the spring and i can’t wait and sooo excited <3

  23. sivko23 says:

    i love u samoyed. i love u samoyed.

  24. Pokepower123 says:

    Shaving them is … Shaving them is actually okay. But it’s a good idea to brush them while their fur is growing back to make sure it doesn’t grow back matted or clumped. We’ve shaved my samoyed every year and his fur hasn’t grown back matted or clumped yet because we brush it while it’s growing. It’s also a smart idea to use a mixture of cutting and shaving rather than just using one or the other. And DON’T shave it too close to the skin as they have fair skin that can get burnt easily.

  25. sophleigh21 says:

    how cute we thought … how cute we thought on buying a samoyed … are they a really good family dog ? 🙂

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