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Dog vs. Puppet: Cute Dog Maymo

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A mundane video of our cute lemon beagle Maymo being mocked by a mr. mouthy mouth hand puppet (or finger puppet, not sure which applies in this case). dog vs. puppet

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25 Responses to “Dog vs. Puppet: Cute Dog Maymo”

  1. Lugh Schoonover says:

    Maymo: Chew toy! … Maymo: Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy! MINE!

  2. Rythmbot says:

    Holding the puppet … Holding the puppet steady with his paws was the best part.

  3. Maryann Power says:

    thank you so much … thank you so much for uploading your vids.
    smiles on a crappy day.

  4. mariaevilla62 says:

    1 erèspspspd 1 erèspspspd

  5. jamiekinsx says:

    Lemon beagle I … Lemon beagle I believe! 🙂

  6. hakunamattata437 says:

    what kind of a dog … what kind of a dog is this little cutie?

  7. Jaebird82 says:

    whoever’s peeing in … whoever’s peeing in the background has a huge bladder

  8. Marian Fiala says:

    Maymo is so sweet. … Maymo is so sweet. He really has a go-getter, never give up kinda spirit! Priceless. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Taran Tarans says:

    Wack-a-mole? Love … Wack-a-mole? Love Maymo so much!

  10. Alex Luncan says:

    It’s so cute It’s so cute

  11. shygirlnow2011 says:

    Pop goes the … Pop goes the beagle…..

  12. LpsGirlO543 says:

    The puppet is … The puppet is gross lookin

  13. gvelososoul says:


  14. Raissa Palumbo says:

    OMG, hi is o cute … OMG, hi is o cute *-*
    ;*** from Brazil!

  15. longwill72 says:

    This might be my … This might be my favorite video so far.

  16. rae4puppies says:

    Awwww Awwww

  17. The Boris Badanov says:

    He is nothing if … He is nothing if not persistent! Persistently cute!

  18. jmorls says:

    video you might … video you might like (Baeya all grown up) Thanks

  19. jmorls says:

    Well your comment … Well your comment is never lost unless never posted. I love animal lovers and it sounds like that’s what you are so here’s a HUG. I also have a pup and some videos like (Baeya all grown up) I think you will love it. Thanks

  20. bricake97 says:

    Omg .30 us solo … Omg .30 us solo adorable.

  21. 6569jm says:

    Dogs are simply … Dogs are simply the best!!! Thanks

  22. TheBirdGeek says:

    Maymo, I love u! … Maymo, I love u! You’re adorable! I could watch this silly dog all day!

  23. fojrok says:

    Haha what a whacky … Haha what a whacky dog

  24. Daisy Jones says:

    He’s a very sweet … He’s a very sweet gently boy and a natural comic! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  25. kendobunny says:

    Maymo is not a dog … Maymo is not a dog – he is a very cleverly disguised ham :P

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