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Dog scared of baby duck

0 Dog scared of baby duckMy dog was afraid of a 3 day old duck i brought home, its quite pathetic

Duration : 0:1:11

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25 Responses to “Dog scared of baby duck”

  1. Katie murusidze says:

    this dog wants to … this dog wants to play 😀

  2. Nirav Bhanot says:

    Baby duck is so … Baby duck is so cute n innocent…love it n doggy too… 🙂

  3. FirePhoenix39 says:

    The dog is like: oh … The dog is like: oh god my chew toy is alive help me it wants revenge!

  4. MrChristie2882 says:

    aaaaaaaaaawwww … aaaaaaaaaawwww thats SO CUTE¡!¡!

  5. Karla Woodfield says:

    fu*k you fu*k you

  6. Rocki Star says:

    Dog: Defuq Is This … Dog: Defuq Is This ?

  7. rthdshtr says:

    pathetic :/ pathetic :/

  8. Jacqui L says:


  9. Kaitlyn Benson says:

    Duck: ur big and … Duck: ur big and fwuffy, u my momma?
    Duck: Momma!
    Dog: AW NAH -runs-

  10. M0h4mm3dO says:

    That was hilarious … That was hilarious LOL cut duck

  11. dkoch2 says:

    I want the duck!!! I want the duck!!!

  12. Telespentry says:

    1:09 ok fuck you 1:09 ok fuck you

  13. floridacracker2 says:

    Dog wasn’t afraid. … Dog wasn’t afraid. It was in “puppy play position.”

  14. Maddy Foster says:

    Duck: hey dog want … Duck: hey dog want to hang out?
    Dog:no, you are creepy
    Duck: I am just a little ducki
    Dog: I don’t care! Goodbye

  15. Shona McCarthy says:

    I think that’s the … I think that’s the cutest thing I ever saw!

  16. SadijeAkaru says:

    He is like, sup bro … He is like, sup bro wanna hang out

  17. akelsZM says:

    Release the Kraken Release the Kraken

  18. Foxmagik says:

    D’awwwww, the way … D’awwwww, the way the dog bows to it, that’s a dogs way of saying ‘let’s play’. So precious!

  19. jett michaels says:

    Tweet tweet, Peck … Tweet tweet, Peck peck . What a sweet video.

  20. Teemupets says:

    duck: mamma?
    dog: … duck: mamma?
    dog: no, I’m not your mum.
    duck: dadda?
    dog: no, I’m not your dad either.
    duck: food?
    dog: RUN!

  21. KAITOandAKAITOshion says:

    Aww~ Aww~

  22. Co doi says:

    <3 <3

  23. Co doi says:

    Sooooo cute <:’e Sooooo cute <:’e

  24. Aaish Thoha says:

    quack quack … quack quack motherfucker!

  25. kevin strand says:

    yeah yeah

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