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Dog confused by squeaky toy

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25 Responses to “Dog confused by squeaky toy”

  1. Toby Narwhal says:

    Dogs are incredible … Dogs are incredible stupid animals. When I bite a squeaky toy I know
    exactly where the sound comes from and it’s from the toy of course. I’m an
    highly intelligent person with over 190 IQ while dogs are dumb and can’t
    even speak or write.

  2. vvvortic says:

    dogs are the worse … dogs are the worse animals, cats are way better, gg

  3. Head Like A Hole says:

    Came here for top … Came here for top quality comments by redditors.

  4. xXMidnightSinXx says:

    why is he laughing … why is he laughing in english but he speaks spanish

  5. Victoria Flamel says:

    Mans best friend Mans best friend

  6. Theodore Trilby says:

    This is further … This is further proof that us Redditors are the supreme race. Dogs have an
    IQ between 12 and 14. Being an elite Redditors my IQ is 104. Being of
    incredibly high intellect I am able to fool dogs, and humans who believe in
    religion alike.

    ~Theodore Trilby, Ph. D in atheism and stage 1 ultraatheist

  7. TehDubba says:

    Alright, this isn’t … Alright, this isn’t funny, Early I made a post on the ham cat video calling
    for this stuff to stop, but obviously it isn’t. Get over yourself and stop
    using animals to make yourselves feel good at their expense.

  8. IamYou86 says:

    He looks so happy!! … He looks so happy!! I love humans who are good to their pets. YOU ROCK!

  9. Alex says:

    Who the is … Who the is upvoting these reddit trolls? Are there people who actually
    find them funny?

  10. Leonard Graf says:

    I want the same … I want the same amount of fun the dog has when he jumps into the snow… :/

  11. mas8705 says:

    Never gets old how … Never gets old how in spite of an innocent and sweet video, people who
    comment immediately are all over calling these kinds of videos offensive in
    one special way or another. I don’t get what Reddit has to do with this,
    but if anyone would like to fill me in, by all means.

  12. Kat Loaf says:

    Fake, you have him … Fake, you have him trained to not bite things too hard (common training for
    a retriever so that they don’t crush/chew up your hunting prey when
    bringing it back.) That’s why he’s looking at you like “uh-oh” every time
    it squeaks.

  13. eastendthug says:

    Once again … Once again redditors show their true colours by supporting animal abuse.
    Shame on you all.

  14. zulily says:

    This dog may not be … This dog may not be the brightest in bulb in the box, but he wins major
    points for cuteness.

  15. Colonel Euphoria says:

    Great video m’good … Great video m’good sir! I have to say that this reminds of my own dog, Gabe
    Junior. He’s actually a lot like yours. I’ve taught him to plug in my
    external hard drive on command and everytime, he gets surprised when he
    hears that new hardware sound. Also, Gabe Junior can only do that because
    he’s atheist and from a master race.
    By the way, did I tell you about my Persian Cat? He’s also a very swift
    boy, and unlike other cats, can see abose 24fps. Compared to him, other
    animals are simply *peasants*.
    -Colonel Euphoria, /r/pcmasterrace moderator, glorious atheist, karma

  16. Fat, Fatter and the Fattest Valentine says:

    What the is … What the is wrong with the comment section…

  17. Russell Miller says:

    Funniest thing ever … Funniest thing ever.


    What the fuck? This … What the fuck? This is the worst video ever to make it to frontpage, there
    are so much things wrong with this video i dont know where to start. First,
    why do you have that dog outside when its snowing and proabably cold as
    fuck? hat dog is gonna die by hypothermia, since its not a snow dog. An
    animal is not a clown, so why did you keep laughing at him and not actually
    take him inside? Right now, im talking to my pals over /r/animalrights and
    we are calling the police to get you arrested. Animal abuse is not a joke,
    and it can be punished with up to 10 years of prison. Enjoy being
    nakadashed by jamal.
    Gold awarded mod @ /r/israel /r/videos /r/animalrights /r/twoxchromosomes
    /r/obama /r/powerrangers

  19. Pussywhistle says:

    /r/Cats for anyone … /r/Cats for anyone who wants some *real* cute pics and videos (I’m a

  20. Sun & Schrody says:

    Hahahaha this is … Hahahaha this is the best thing ever! My corgi has a similar reaction to
    her squeaky ball, I’ll try to make a video of it.

  21. Fred Flintstone says:

    Like this comment … Like this comment for $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    Comment for a date with my grandpa

    Ignore for a rabid giraffe

  22. Laura Metheny says:

    Cute vid! U r lucky … Cute vid! U r lucky. Maybe his toys last longer this way? My 3 dogs know
    EXACTLY where the sound is coming from. Which means most toys last EXACTLY
    one day before they are annihilated! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Geoff Marcus-Baxter says:

    As a moderator of / … As a moderator of /r/aww I found this video incredibly depressing; how can
    you raise animals/children in fear and doubt of what they are doing?
    Curiosity should be nourished and their minds educated, not laughed at
    while being filmed and displayed on YouTube. Shambolic.

    ~ *Geoff Marcus-Baxter*, “Failure is only a product of poor preparation.”

  24. anne5surf says:

    Now that really … Now that really cheered me up. Great to see Walter having fun, he is
    adorable and soooooo cute. Thanks for sharing

  25. RS4NOTEVARR says:

    I wanted to see a … I wanted to see a kid getting devoured by piranhas :(

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