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Dog Attacks Polar Bear

0 Dog Attacks Polar Bearrottweiler vs. paper mache polar bear. who wins?

Duration : 0:1:9

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25 Responses to “Dog Attacks Polar Bear”

  1. shom stha says:

    Clips like this … Clips like this make Youtube incredible. I squander an awful lot of time doing this.

    BUT a large amount of folks are slowly but surely KILLING their dogs – without spotting it… The garbage they insert in pet food leads to cancer and tends to make most dogs die young.. If you have a pet dog and you want to protect its life and make certain your doggie lives for a longer time then look for Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.) I was so relieved I discovered it.

  2. best solution for your tv says:

    stupid video stupid video

  3. ikamine says:

    there are no bad … there are no bad dogs but bad masters! that’s all .thnx

  4. Courtney Green says:

    He’s just playing … He’s just playing with it, thats like saying giving them dog toys teaches them to be aggresive, my dogs are boxers and they rips things to peices and yet they still run away from my cat :/!!

  5. XXDTRXX says:

    man hes so aggesive … man hes so aggesive …. eating that toy …. man… watch out … he just tore off that ..fake leg

  6. P0int13lank138 says:

    So, people of … So, people of YouTube, when a dog chews apart a Tug-Of-War rope, it’s going to savage the next living creature it sees?

    Anywho, looks like the dog is having fun. 😀 Shame that the paper mache’s gonna make such a mess afterward though.

  7. GrungeMetalRocker says:

    this isnt funny … this isnt funny these people make me sick. this kind of  action is how aggression is encouraged with Rottweilers therefore giving them a bad name… : (

  8. datdadue09 says:

    look how shiny he … look how shiny he is!

  9. Droemar says:

    I can tell by the … I can tell by the comments who owns Rotts and who never has. This is a happy, well-adjusted dog exhibiting very natural Rottweiler playfulness.

  10. Martin280967 says:

    The next kid who … The next kid who walks out of the hospital with bandage on is so fucked….

  11. N00bcrunch3r says:

    … @MajinVegeta989
    It’s not necessarily bad. Teaching them to be aggressive to potential predators is a good way to keep them alive and fit.

  12. Kay Tacobell says:

    He’s not dead yet. … He’s not dead yet… LOL

  13. WolfSoul911 says:

    sick fuck, no … sick fuck, no wonder these dogs atttack people!

  14. Siberian Tiger says:

    Fuckin’ Dumb Truck … Fuckin’ Dumb Truck Mother Fucker !!!!

  15. leuven7 says:

    lol dog is just … lol dog is just playing whit toy.

  16. Yoskakune says:

    The dog doesnt be … The dog doesnt be come aggresive if it understands your the leader amd you are giving it permission to kill the paper bear

  17. jose macias says:

    dumbasses dumbasses

  18. yung21king says:

    i do the same … i do the same thing with baby doll toys is that bad?

  19. Donald6899 says:

    Fucking morons – … morons – teaching a dog to be aggresive is stupid. 

  20. CReaper210 says:

    So teaching a dog … So teaching a dog to attack a toy is making it agressive. OK! You’re very dumb.

  21. Sieberliebangbang says:

    he is just having … he is just having fun dumbass

  22. canicaas says:

    stpds stpds

  23. Shawn W. says:

    relax, it’s just a … relax, it’s just a family enjoying time with their pet

  24. GoneToTheeDogs says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since when does letting a dog play make them aggressive? I guess we shouldn’t feed them meat either cause they might start licking their lips at the sight of us then too.

  25. CaptCody2 says:

    My gawd, I hope all … My gawd, I hope all of the morons and nitwits that think this is somehow teaching a dog to be a baby killer never own a dog. Because that would be equivalent to animal abuse. Just one of many reasons, a paper bear look-a-like hardly SMELLS like a child or any human!

    That rotty is having fun and thinks he’s doing a trick-entertaining the people and is quite happy to be the center of attention. Has nothing whatsoever to do with actual aggression. He’s not even seriously growling. He’s PLAYING!

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