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Dexter’s Adorable Dog Tricks!

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Dexter is my 2 year old mix breed rescue pup. He was pulled from a high kill shelter in Tennessee, transported up the East Coast, and given a second chance at life. He is such a happy dog and he constantly makes me smile! He and Paige are best friends! I train my dogs using clicker/positive reinforcement

Duration : 0:2:54

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25 Responses to “Dexter’s Adorable Dog Tricks!”

  1. Dustin Lightwine says:

    sexy dexty thats … sexy dexty thats what my cousin calls his dog its name is dexter

  2. ARC says:

    Wow another awesome … Wow another awesome dog! Dexter is just gorgeous and your house must be
    such a happy place! Thanks for sharing this lovely video 🙂 

  3. Livia Stroud says:

    So cute! <3 So cute! <3

  4. Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation says:

    We just fell … We just fell completely in love with Dexter and his tricks. Love this

    Dexter’s Adorable Dog Tricks!!

  5. Kimberly Gauthier says:

    This video is … This video is adorable. Our dogs know words so we’re going to try and get
    this on video; it’s th best “trick” we’ve got.

    What tricks do your dogs know?

  6. doggieGZ says:

    I can’t tell you … I can’t tell you how much your videos cheer me up on dark days. Seriously,
    thank you. Your pets are beautiful and you clearly keep them happy.

  7. NanaBorderCollie says:

    Dexter is gorgeous! … Dexter is gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him show off his tricks.
    😀 It was too adorable for words when he rested his head on the couch and
    looked up with his big, sad eyes. Very cute video!

  8. stephanie horne says:

    he is so sweet & … he is so sweet & cute. ♥♥♥ that little boy!

  9. Leonardo Hasper says:

    the name of the … the name of the song is ”The Good Life” by Tim Myers

  10. Zachary Gonzales says:

    The little hedebeh The little hedebeh

  11. Inside Out Dog Training says:

    cool video cool video

  12. Fluffy288 says:

    your dog is soooo … your dog is soooo cute i would die to have an obedient dog like yours!! 🙂

  13. snobahr says:

    What a good puppy 🙂 What a good puppy 🙂

  14. GrazyHuaba says:

    goobooooooy goobooooooy

  15. Jennifer Vazquez says:

    Dexter is such a … Dexter is such a comedian! He and Paige look like such happy go lucky pups!
    I can’t wait to have one of my own!

  16. Robert Smith says:

    Kudos to you and … Kudos to you and all who adopt rescues. I have two rescues myself and being
    a grad student, I need the company. Frida and Gypsy are my best friends and
    I would not trade them for anything. I loved your Chemistry video as well!

  17. Uggly MMan says:

    Hello Dexter. : … Hello Dexter. :x:x:x Fan’s here, your fan’s here!!

  18. lyn marostega says:

    I love how I can … I love how I can see the joy on your dogs’ faces. They’re super cute and
    happy dogs !

  19. snidelywhiplash says:

    I spent most of … I spent most of this video giggling like a schoolgirl. Well done!

  20. Valerie Kimbrough says:

    what type of breed … what type of breed is Dexter

  21. SeanCrabs says:

    what breed is he? what breed is he?

  22. Annaliselovescupcake says:

    aww he looks so … aww he looks so cute and a big furry ball of happiness lol 😀

  23. gregorysharp says:

    THIS IS MY New … THIS IS MY New favorite channel. The love you have for your dogs is

  24. ★ ItzPromo | Texture Packs & PvP! ★ says:

    Lol 0:39 that was … Lol 0:39 that was very cute!

  25. Melissa Cat says:

    So cute! So cute!

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