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What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners

0 What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners“Guys with pit bulls are good in bed.”

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Only In My Sleep
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Gary Curtis
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Husky sled dog with two different colored eyes.
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Funny welsh Corgi Pembroke sitting in autumn leaves
Elena Rakhuba/

Pit Bull portrait

Labradoodle in grass

Beautiful chihuahua

Chocolate Labrador Puppy at Dog Park
Angela Jacquin Photography/

Macro of a Dalmatian puppy fur

Dog in laundry basket, close-up
Chris Amaral/

Sad-Faced Hound Dog

British bulldog

Australian shepherd

Dalmatian puppy

Close up of dog looking up

Portrait Pomeranian dog

Boris 4

Portrait of beautiful Golden Retriever

Cute mixed-breed dog holding autumn yellow leaf


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25 Responses to “What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners”

  1. Rayne Vermillion says:

    I watched the whole … I watched the whole video waiting for them to mention a german shepherd, :(

  2. ericfrom50 says:

    Awww… they … Awww… they skipped German Shepherds :(

  3. Ashley Nkollo says:

    If you judge … If you judge someone’s personality based on their dog you’re the most
    shallow dick wad on the planet earth.

  4. Alexis Sullivan says:

    What about a Shiba … What about a Shiba Inu???

  5. ashawashaaa says:

    i have a chihuahua. … i have a chihuahua. because it was the cheapest in the shop…..

  6. Juan Pablo Velásquez says:

    6 guys saying what … 6 guys saying what they think. this is subjective, nothing relevant. So Pit
    Bulls are bad dogs? u re wrong.

  7. TheUnthinkable says:

    Hey everyone I also … Hey everyone I also make videos and i’m working a minimum wage job to
    support my family. Hopefully if I can get enough support for my channel I
    will be able to support my family better. YOU can make a huge difference
    just by clicking subscribe or watching my videos. Thanks. And as always
    awesome video BuzzFeed.

  8. Neferati says:

    Pitbulls are the … Pitbulls are the worst breed of dogs, only white trash or black ghetto
    bangers own pitbulls.

  9. Macarena Romero says:

    What about shih … What about shih tzus?? :C disappointed 

  10. Anita kalawho says:

    this outraged me
    pitbulls 4 lyfe

  11. Shar Kishimoto the Awkward Turtle says:

    This basset owner … This basset owner gives no craps bout no ones opinion towards me but if you
    touch my baby boy, i will set him on your trail. Know that i am watching

  12. LPSkinzgirl92 says:

    I have a black lab … I have a black lab chow mix & I’m nothing like him, his name is Loki. He is
    so boring ’cause he doesn’t know how 2 play! He never learned how ’cause
    his first owner was an old man or woman with Al Timers

  13. MugszChunch says:

    Well, there goes … Well, there goes buzz feed rambling on about pit bulls again.

  14. pleHrueyoV says:

    I have a pitbull… … I have a pitbull…

    …he killed all my family.
    Now it’s just me and him.
    He’s so adorable.

  15. iamsuperrandom says:

    Pitbull owners: … Pitbull owners: They’re just trying to prove a point.

  16. Arabella says:

    German Shepherds>>> … German Shepherds>>>>>>> My family’s had three in my lifetime and I’m 15.
    They may be over-protective, but they adore their family and are just

  17. PinkBunnyKink says:

    Here’s the thing, … Here’s the thing, judging the owner is completely useless. Some traits are
    just in the breed. I was a dog groomer for 6 years and some breeds are just
    a certain way. That doesn’t mean that an abuser won’t change a dog’s
    temperament but it also doesn’t mean that an owner who’s nice as pie and
    loves their dog won’t end up with an dog. Sometimes its just the
    traits of the breed. 

  18. Johnny Velazquez says:

    I own a pitbull and … I own a pitbull and they’re pretty awesome
    I don’t see why people hate them
    Or maybe it’s the owners

  19. Jonathan Downer says:


  20. Buttersthecreeper says:

    “I like guys with … “I like guys with big…..”

  21. Ethan Walker says:

    I’m a guy with a … I’m a guy with a chihuahua. If you don’t like him, our relationship wont
    work out. My ex kicked me and my good baby bit his toe hahaha

  22. That Kid says:

    I’ve always wanted … I’ve always wanted big dogs, and mixed breeds. Like I want more then let’s
    say 6-7+ because I wanted to own a big property with big land for them to
    prance around in. But here in California, the highest number to allow pets
    is 4-. What the hell?! I can give you a list of all the dogs I want too!
    And Californians will find me crazy for wanting so many animals in a city

  23. Niamhana Ryan says:

    OH MY DOG!! I can’t … OH MY DOG!! I can’t believe Corgis are there!!! I love Corgis!I am planning
    on purchasing one when I am of age! Just yesterday I met one but I was in
    the car.Apart from that, never met one.But I’d adore one.

  24. Novitatis Veritatis says:

    Single man with a … Single man with a Great Dane is compensating for something…. i’m a single
    man and i have a Miniature Pinscher, now what does that tells you

  25. Rainbow Whitie says:

    B.T.W I have a … B.T.W I have a chihuahua and shes the sweetest thing ever I’m a girl and
    I’m not mean in fact I despite mean people 

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