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Understanding Dog Breeds: Chihuahua

0 Understanding Dog Breeds: ChihuahuaLearn how to play Christmas songs on the piano –

Learn how to understand the dog breed Chihuahua with this video. Expert: Julia Szabo

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Duration : 0:2:22

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24 Responses to “Understanding Dog Breeds: Chihuahua”

  1. iloveswifty94 says:

    1:08 * 1:08 *

  2. iloveswifty94 says:

    1:11 LOLOLOLOLOL … 1:11 LOLOLOLOLOL he looks so intimidated

  3. smileluver10111 says:

    listen lady, i have … listen lady, i have 2 chihuahuas and first of all ones a mix ones a purebreed there both big like one foot tall or something maybe bigger and they are perfect with kids their good with me (im 10) my sis (shes 6) and my 3 month old bro

  4. freddyphredphred says:

    Hi there i wanted … Hi there i wanted to get a chihuahua… are they trainable? Can you teach them to not bark? are they easier or harder to train than pomeranians or yorkies?

  5. snoopia33 says:

    actually regarding … actually regarding the size, chiwawas cannot differentiate between big and small. They r missing the IPF-1 brain gene that dogs have. They quite literally cannot tell size differences at all.

  6. WilyLioness7 says:

    this lady is … this lady is supposed to be an expert??? why does she let her dog out the door before her..??? ….the owner is supposed to enter/exit first, ALWAYS!

  7. TheDyingCamels says:

    Lol i watch this … Lol i watch this with my chihuaha

  8. MHlovesorigami1 says:

    @McLawlz you are … @McLawlz you are the most gross person in the world

  9. MrKhody says:

    @xchibimarukox … @xchibimarukox Honestly, some dog “lovers” take their “love” to a whole different level of so called “friendship” beside she look like the type that do it every so often..

  10. McLawlz says:

    I can’t imagine a … I can’t imagine a Great Dane raping a chihuahua…

  11. ChaosPunksXe says:

    I have a chihuahua- … I have a chihuahua-pomeranian mix, he’s extremely loyal and very smart (for a dog anyway). Mix the energy of a Pomeranian with the attitude of a Chihuahua, you’ve got one of the best dogs ever.

  12. xchibimarukox says:

    I am … @MrKhody
    I am doubting too; and what’s your supportings…

  13. chibikarina says:

    She says “Chi-wow- … She says “Chi-wow-was” xD

  14. Kiribayashi says:

    I love my chihuahua … I love my chihuahua she is only 3 pounds but, she is the sweetest dog ever~ and she has an awesome name…Knives

  15. zxiiwaffle says:

    oooh i had a … oooh i had a chihuahua called Ränder.. he died last year… T_T

  16. hypothesies1 says:

    chihuahuas suck. … chihuahuas suck. theyre ugly, nasty yappy, hyper, scary, rat like, ugly looking dogs.

  17. MrKhody says:

    I bet she had sex … I bet she had sex with dogs

  18. Inmatinus says:

    Lol ogre, very good … Lol ogre, very good choice of word. 🙂

  19. spenceronni7 says:

    How do you make … How do you make them quiet?

  20. rafa3lico says:

    @1892abercrombielvr … @1892abercrombielvr lol they’re so little and evil xD

  21. 1892abercrombielvr says:

    chiwawas scare me : … chiwawas scare me :(

  22. cutieshirley7 says:

    ^_^ ^_^

  23. videogamerevie81 says:

    I love my chihuahua … I love my chihuahua best dog ever fuck haters.

  24. kim2kjy says:

    Plz stop dog sex … Plz stop dog sex stuff…

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