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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World”

  1. hailey macleod says:

    I have 4 … I have 4 Rottweiler’s and I got them all for free because some stupid idiot
    dumped my babies in a box and threw then in a garbage bin when they were
    only at least 6 weeks old!! I am so happy I found them before they froze to
    death. I got 3 females and 1 male. They are all very protective and loyal.
    I love my babies and will never give them up for anything!

  2. wazzer1812 says:

    maybe in the us but … maybe in the us but in the uk most of these breads are common and not as

  3. Rahul Joseph says:

    wtf german … wtf german shepherds are around 24k $!!!
    everything is so expensive in the US
    in india u can get it for around 120$ or 7200 rupees

  4. Jackson Xiao says:

    German shepherds … German shepherds are not that expensive…

  5. SunshineDrawings says:

    Tibetan mastiffs … Tibetan mastiffs are $585,000-$1.5 million , dude!

  6. CJ says:

    I think the most … I think the most expensive dog is a bully pitbul sold for 60k dollars

  7. luv2eatpuss79 says:

    3,000 dollars for a … 3,000 dollars for a German Shephard?????

  8. Fred LOL says:

    The information on … The information on Tibetan Mastiff is not correct as I knew. The price of
    that kind of dog could go up to 5 million US dollars. And they are
    definitely not calm and well-mannered. They are very fierce and are capable
    of confronting predators the size of wolves and leopards. Top10List, do
    your research before publish the video to educate people.

  9. Ruth Ortega says:

    I’d like a … I’d like a Newfoundland, Grayhound, or Great Dane. I love all dogs but I
    prefer big dogs over little dogs. A tiny ankle biter isn’t going to save me
    by barking and biting feet. A big dog on the other hand is tough, powerful,
    and resilient. I know some of you might disagree because of the “dangers”
    big dogs possess but honestly it depends on how you raise them.

  10. Danny Scoggin says:

    I need to make a … I need to make a top ten called “the dumb untrue and not ever researched
    top ten. I apologize if a child made this. If so darlin, I’m only trying to
    make fun of adults, and I’m sure you had to spend a lot of time on this.

  11. xXKiwiXx AJ says:

    I used to have a … I used to have a German shepherd (RIP) and I got him for free. GSD’s are
    very good dogs mine was a excellent guard dog and very nice with kids

  12. TRUTH-XPOSED says:

    I don’t agree with … I don’t agree with non of the prices. It all depends on the seller.

  13. sandmanmod24 says:

    The Tibetan Mastiff … The Tibetan Mastiff has sold for more than any of them. They are a really
    expensive dog. Some of the dogs and prices on this list is off badly

  14. TWG COBRA says:

    rottwielers are not … rottwielers are not chosen for police or military or customs

  15. RAIDERS58th says:

    I don’t know where … I don’t know where the person who put this video together got their
    information from, because most of it is horribly wrong.

  16. sami haque says:

    holly cow i could … holly cow i could pay my tuition with theses dogs!!!! D: i can’t even being
    to imagine the cost for taking care of them 

  17. Filippo Filippo says:

    The ninth is not a … The ninth is not a borded collie idiot.

  18. Mike Woods says:

    I disagree gotti … I disagree gotti line bullies go from $3,500 to $64,000

  19. kev b rotti says:

    Who composes these … Who composes these bollocks lists????????? For a start, USA is not the
    world!!!!!!!!!!! Has this person researched prices outside USA?????
    The only correct listing on here is the Pharaoh hound, due to its rarity
    now, sadly. In the UK and Europe, Rotties, GSD’s are the cheapest pedigree
    breeds available. Obviously prices vary depending on bloodlines etc, tho
    not as much as they do in this rediculous list!!!

  20. Kyandifully Me says:

    I feel EXTREMELY … I feel EXTREMELY stupid now. This guy was giving away FREE German Shepard
    puppies and I was like “I hate German Shepards, too big!” (I was 6 years
    ok?) But my dad wanted one but me and my mum refused and now I’m like “I
    WUV ALL FURRY DOG BREEDS!!” Why must I be so stupid?

  21. Alex says:

    what about Scooby- … what about Scooby-doo

  22. Mary Leszczynski says:

    I was wondering … I was wondering when they were quoting the prices of the dogs if they were
    including the care such as; food,boarding, vet and possibly grooming for
    the life of your pet. If so that makes more sense.

  23. gaurav bisht says:

    you serious?? get … you serious?? get your figures right dude.. don’t include training cost

  24. Shirley Pena says:

    At $3,000-1.5 … At $3,000-1.5 million dollars, the Tibetan Mastiff should definitely be on
    this list!

  25. Tenzin sonamsan says:

    Tibetan mastiff are … Tibetan mastiff are the most expensive 

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