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The Wonder of Dogs Episode 1 BBC Documentary 2013 All about Dogs

0 The Wonder of Dogs Episode 1  BBC Documentary 2013 All about DogsThe Wonder of Dogs Episode 1 BBC Documentary 2013 All about Dogs
From huge dogs to tiny dogs, working dogs to lap dogs, hairy dogs to hairless dogs – the team investigates why this single species comes in so many shapes and sizes. Set in a typical English village, the team uses DNA science to reveal the sometimes surprising family trees of some of the village dogs. The team also find out how the extraordinary genetics of modern dogs underlies the extreme differences we see between breeds.

Historian Ruth Goodman uncovers the surprising origins of the poodle’s famous haircut; finds out what makes greyhounds the fastest dogs on the planet; and travels to the Guisachan Estate in the Scottish Highlands to meet hundreds of golden retrievers at the ancestral home of this popular breed.

Steve meets the hairiest dog breed of all and reveals how its dreadlocked coat once acted as lightweight armour. Kate investigates the remarkable story of dogs – from their ancient ancestor the grey wolf, through thousands of years as our working companions, to the Victorian creation of the dog breeds we know today.

Duration : 0:51:17

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25 Responses to “The Wonder of Dogs Episode 1 BBC Documentary 2013 All about Dogs”

  1. osiris vourdalak says:

    where are the … where are the german or belgian sheperds? those are the best dogs to work
    with in the world!

  2. Ayiesha Stewart says:

    I’m glad some … I’m glad some breeders are trying to get the English Bulldog healthier. 

  3. Loverdose says:

    The BBC are so … The BBC are so bipolar, first they televise Crufts for years, then they
    ‘expose’ the poor breeding of a minority. Now they show dog breeds in a
    positive light…

  4. Border Alen says:

    this video … this video illustrates perfectly what’s “qualzucht” in german, (cruel
    breading)….FCI should stop kidding around, the money, we will
    destroy the only living thing that approached us from the wild, 1000s
    years of history and our best friends

  5. hui yin yap says:

    i wish most of the … i wish most of the people choose to adopt a dog doesn’t matter what breed
    they are.
    Why we breed what we want instead of what is good for the dog?

  6. Gajendra prasad H.R says:

    nice Clip.. cool to … nice Clip.. cool to watch..

  7. Pygiana says:

    If chihuahuas … If chihuahuas originated in Mexico how are there depictions of them in
    European paintings before the discovery of America? It’s a mystery!

  8. fabuladeum1 says:

    shame no pitbull … shame no pitbull terriers

  9. .R.C. SPITTA says:

    Lol when they told … Lol when they told the guy at the end what his poodle was mix with he was
    instantly off lmao

  10. Kun Tipparut says:

    What is the song … What is the song called in opening? 

  11. Jordan Hammond says:

    Filming this was … Filming this was great!

  12. Olivia Wilson says:

    My dog is a mix of … My dog is a mix of a daschund and chuawa… Chiweenie!

  13. Bill Gardner says:

    I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!! … I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Michael Yu says:

    Why the is … Why the is greyhound racing in this video? Greyhounds are abused if
    they don’t win the race. It should not be supported. 

  15. hui yin yap says:

    what happen to the … what happen to the dogs if they bred a dog that they don’t want?

  16. Raul Tiffer says:

    I personally love … I personally love schnauzers! 

  17. Brooke Joy says:

    I have a caviler … I have a caviler king Charles spaneil

  18. sadsam663 says:

    I like dogs
     I like dogs

  19. The Sun says:

    I’ve read things … I’ve read things about how our breeding has led to a myriad of problems in
    many different types of dogs. I’m really curious as to why dogs seem to
    have devolved with our intervention. Is it just that we selected the wrong
    things to breed and that this has led to the issues?

  20. Canis familiaris says:

    such a great … such a great documentary :D

  21. Mick Mack says:

    a chihuahua is NOT … a chihuahua is NOT better looking than a mastiff. thats ridiculous

  22. Aracelli Medina says:


  23. brian paquin says:

    11:05 alt-j! 11:05 alt-j!

  24. Torched Monkey says:

    How to train your … How to train your dog not to inside the house?

  25. annenna says:

    HOT WATER BOTTLES … HOT WATER BOTTLES FOR PRINCESSES. I don’t know if that’s true or not but
    from now on that’s what I’m choosing to believe because it’s adorable.

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