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The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) – Adam Ruins Everything

0 The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)   Adam Ruins EverythingWatch more Adam Ruins Everything here:
For more information regarding the truth about purebreds, watch the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, or check out the following sources:
* Wikipedia: Purebred (Dogs) –
* 100 Years of Breed “Improvement” –
* Wikipedia: Kennel Club –
* Wikipedia: Pedigree Dogs Exposed –

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25 Responses to “The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) – Adam Ruins Everything”

  1. catwhohasachannel says:

    This is so … This is so important for pet owners to realize. We’ve ruined dogs. I know
    that there’s some people that are working to fix breed-specific issues in
    German Shepherds, Pugs, and other superdeformed dogs, but there are dogs
    that are simply too ruined to be saved. Chihuahuas for instance suffer the
    most. It should be illegal to breed chihuahuas. Within a few years, the
    breed will die out, and that’ll be the best thing we’ve ever done for it.

    People are arguing that we’ve ruined cats. Not yet, we haven’t. And no it’s
    not because Grumpy Cat. That cat has feline dwarfism. That happens in
    people too. So she’s just smaller, and it’s not because she was
    specifically bred that way.

    Cats haven’t been domesticated for very long, compared to dogs. Domestic
    cats still share very close DNA with big cats, while dogs are very
    different from wolves. It’s because most cat breeds are actually naturally
    occurring, even the sphynx. Persian cats, however, are an example of an
    overbred breed. They’re the only breed with a reputation of not using a
    litter box (or covering their waste in general). It is a natural instinct
    for cats, and you can see it in kittens that haven’t been exposed to litter

    There’s a few other breeds that have breed-specific issues. But its due to
    problems explained in this video. Just adopt a mutt dog or cat. They’re
    healthier, cheaper, and very grateful. 

  2. antagonizerr says:

    You can’t simply … You can’t simply generalize and say that purebred dogs are unhealthy. For
    most, it’s less about the breed and more about the breeder. The
    overwhelming majority of GSD’s with hip dysplasia are American dogs because
    a heavily slanted back is popular in the US, almost to the point that the
    dog has difficulty walking. Just google American shepherds VS. Canadian or
    European shepherds. There’s a distinct difference in look and health which
    is why there is such an emphasis on changing the mind frame of American

  3. Gustav Rammelsberg says:

    Goddammit Peta… … Goddammit Peta… You people should be concerned with these things not the
    fucking Tanooki Suit in Mario 3…

  4. Rachel Pellis says:

    My dog is half … My dog is half Australian Shepherd and half beagle. When we were looking
    for dogs my mom was very specific to get a mutt. It’s really sad how
    demanding and inconsiderate people can be by being so selective of
    breeding. When my mom was little she had a purebred German Shepherd and by
    the time Bambi was 11 she had no control over her bladder and could barely
    walk. As cute as they are, we should stop purebred breeding.

  5. Nathan Dam says:

    Wait. Why don’t we … Wait. Why don’t we actually breed dogs to be healthier? I mean, if we can
    make them look nice or win pageants, why can’t we breed them to live

  6. Jay Gant says:

    I love how he … I love how he glosses over the fact that dozens of purebred dogs were once
    made with a purpose. Humans didn’t do the for fun all the time.
    Poodles and Border Collies are two of the most intelligent dog breeds
    because they were bred to be smart. These breeds have history over hundreds
    of years.

    Then take a more recent dog breed like the German Shepard. Sure it’s
    lineage is barely 100 years old but it has done so much for police work and
    protection that it should not matter that they are a young breed. This goes
    for Dobermans and Rhodesian Ridgebacks as well.

    Just because a dog is adorable and purebred does not mean that any mutt
    could do what it was designed to do as well.

  7. morgan duyos says:

    I like big mutts … I like big mutts and I can not lie.

  8. Alyssa Adler says:

    My dog is 12 years … My dog is 12 years old going on 13. She is half Australian Shepherd,
    Labrador mix. The two most healthiest longest living dog breeds. yeah bull
    dogs are messed up but they are pretty adorable. 

  9. Nermin C. says:

    Then explain to me … Then explain to me how wolves in the wild that breed only with their own
    kind are health. (I’m being serious, explain that)

  10. Холгер Й. says:

    Purebred is animal … Purebred is animal abuse.

  11. Ashley Casey says:

    “I made a dog with … “I made a dog with really loose skin…”

    “Yeah, well I made a dog with a super flat f@#% up face!”

    “Wow that’s super weird.”

    “Isn’t it stupid!?” 

  12. OldBurgerLover says:

    Huskies are pretty … Huskies are pretty darn healthy!!

  13. Adrien Perié says:

    “60% of said breed … “60% of said breed die of cancer? Wow what an amazing fact. You know 100%
    of dogs and humans die of something, what a coincidence.”
    *That’s the dumbest argument ever brought up*. That’s the kind of sophism
    tobacco companies use in India to keep advertising to children.
    “However, it is also genetically possible to create a breed that have no
    genetic disease and have “perfect genes” so even if they breed with their
    siblings their offspring won’t have any genetic disease.”
    That’s completely false, and you clearly don’t have a clue how genetics
    work at all. Inbreeding will cause genetic diseases in all mammals because
    of the way genetic material is combined inside the egg during the
    fecundation. Your idea that selective breeding can lead to perfect genes
    demonstrates your complete ignorance of how evolution works. It is
    literally the opposite of the truth.
    So please, next time, don’t talk about stuff you know nothing about.
    Everything Adam says here is 1009% correct.

  14. LeDauphinePapi says:

    It is as people say … It is as people say more about the breeder than the breed. And maybe just
    maybe he should have mention that. You can get a good, healthy dog from a
    good responsible breeder. Of course there is genetic faults in all breeds,
    that’s no lie but he does tell a lie when he says the kennel clubs forbid
    different breeds to mate. They only forbid mix dogs to compete in dogs
    shows. However, in agility and sports like that, they are more than
    welcome. But I agree on thing, if you’re gonna get a dog, adopt one from a

  15. quillandink65 says:

    A little too … A little too generalized. Many people such as myself suffer from allergies
    and need non shedding dogs which produce less dander. While you can breed
    two non shedding dogs, a pure bred dog of the non shedding category is the
    only pet some people can have. The female mix we adopted from the shelter
    was supposed to be half poodle and half schnauzer ended up having
    chihuahua in her too which caused me to have to rip up all the carpeting,
    wash my hands after I pet her and take allergy pills everyday.
    Additionally, my affenpinscher and brussel griffon both have a life
    expectancy of 13-15 years which is longer than a mixed breed which averages
    about 11. Yes, some purebred dogs have been bred badly but there are also
    responsible breeders that help people who want furry family members to be
    able to have them.

  16. Samuel Brashears says:

    What’s the problem … What’s the problem with my purebred australian shepherd? She lived 18
    years, and died from infection related stomach issues. Purebred aussies are

  17. Thunder Smasher says:

    Adam is a liar, if … Adam is a liar, if you have allergies, WORRY ABOUT THE BREED, SOME DOG

  18. Samuel Jolley says:

    Purebred breeders … Purebred breeders usually loan dogs off other kennels around the world to
    create a healthy gene pool. Ask the kennel/ pet shop your buying your dog
    from about this.
    Pug type snouts, wether in a purebred or crossbreed, will still create
    breathing problems. It’s not the result of inbreeding, so if you want a
    pugilke snout on your dog it’s going to have breathing problems.
    Most pure bred dogs have been bred with specific behaviour in mind-
    hyperactivity(working dogs), calmness, aggressiveness, and others- so when
    you buy a unknown crossbreed, it can be unpredictable. It safer to stick to
    know breeds/crossbreeds.
    Purebreds are generally more defined in behaviour- you can pick a dog
    that’s suits your situation- small yard/no yard, paddock/lots of space.
    This way you don’t end up with a working dog in an apartment.
    This said crossbreeds are fine, as long as you know their crossed breeds.
    This way you can predict problems with your dog.
    Adoption is even riskier- you can try to identify the dogs breed, and judge
    if it’s right for you.
    All in all, only get a dog with you know you can give it a proper home-
    with the right amount of space, the right climate. If you know what the dog
    is like, and you think you would be a good owner, protector and companion,
    then go for it.

  19. Adam Soules says:

    If it’s okay to … If it’s okay to pure-breed dogs, I’m gonna go kidnap a bunch of people and
    pure-breed humans.

  20. Matt Ajaj says:

    Adam nailed it. … Adam nailed it. Major props/applause for this video. As an a huge fan of
    all animals, I appreciate this.

  21. Coolidge Dollar says:

    This didn’t ruin … This didn’t ruin anything. It seems like common sense. In fact, I suspected
    it when I was a little kid, puzzling how tiny rat-dogs could survive
    without owners.

  22. Anastasia Knight says:

    What’s so special … What’s so special about purebreds anyway?

  23. TheTrueWolfboy says:

    I somehow never … I somehow never made the connection before. Modern canines all evolved from
    dire wolves (possibly from gray wolves, which evolved from dire wolves- not
    too sure on that) and were mostly changed because of human intervention. I
    am disappointed in myself for not realizing the implication of “purebred”
    when all breeds originated from the same thing.

  24. ButterflyBlue says:

    I’ve seen plenty of … I’ve seen plenty of mutts with health problems and I’ve seen (and lived
    with) plenty of purebred dogs who have lived well past 15 years. With mixes
    it’s luck of the draw.
    The problem is show breeders who breed for exaggerated qualities, to the
    point the dog is unable to perform it’s intended job. Just take a look at
    german shepherds as a perfect example. The ones you see in the show ring
    look absolutely nothing like the police canines or the ones still used for
    shepherding. Don’t bash all breeders and purebred dogs because of a few
    idiots, the responsible ones are trying to breed away from the health
    problems, and actively screen for those issues.
    People just like jumping on the PETA anti-purebred band wagon so they can
    feel good about themselves.

  25. Jindorek says:

    BEST SERIES EVER. … BEST SERIES EVER. dont stop making these please !!!

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