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Bully Kutta-A1, SNIFFER J WARN, From Chandigarh India to Mexico City mexico

0 Bully Kutta A1, SNIFFER J WARN,  From Chandigarh India to Mexico City  mexicoSniffer, Breed:- Bully Kutta, is one of the most powerful breed in the world. Sniffer is so strong & brave. Sniffer don’t like to take bath. He lives the way he want and he do things what he wants to do.

Duration : 0:3:9

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13 Responses to “Bully Kutta-A1, SNIFFER J WARN, From Chandigarh India to Mexico City mexico”

  1. Juggy Singh Warn says:

    yeah that true, … yeah that true, sniffer is really awesome and i proud on him he is the only one in his breed from India that have so much force and is big muscular. for my business i shifted to Mexico so the time our family shifted to here we took him with us coz no one else able to take care of him as he is with us. he don’t like to stay with anyone else except family members. so wherever we are or we will go he use to travel with us.

  2. jimmyhardasnails says:

    yes this is my … yes this is my favourite breed in dogs,bk’s looks,and the barks sound awsome,they got game and they can guard very good aswell so its upto owners what they want from there bk

  3. Juggy Singh Warn says:

    Thanx friends, yeah … Thanx friends, yeah he is so strong & brave. yes now whole world use to know about BK coz already distribute puppies of Sniffer here in Mexico & Central America.

  4. westwaykuttas says:

    hes a nice looking … hes a nice looking dog, love his markings

  5. juda494 says:


  6. cayenne786786 says:

    MEXICO wow…nice … MEXICO wow…nice to see BKS getting popular….World can see how great these dogs are in every dimention. Thank you for sharing this beauty. Please keep us updated.

  7. khanashh says:

    love pakistani bks … love pakistani bks more

  8. khanashh says:

    nice  nice 

  9. oblivious10011 says:

    very good looking … very good looking Game type Bully kutta you have buddy, and yes no Bully kutta likes to take a bath it is one of the breed characteristics, this breed was originated in areas of India and Pakistan having a hot climate and less rains 🙂

  10. paramvirmc says:

    Gabru!!!!! nice one … Gabru!!!!! nice one!!1

  11. Juggy Singh Warn says:

    Yes BK is the best … Yes BK is the best breed in world. I love Sniffer so much he is my son. i do have Tosa Inu female dog, Name Kensha. now will upload of Kensha and there puppies videos.

  12. jimmyhardasnails says:

    yes bully’s are … yes bully’s are going all over the world that is nice to see

  13. supastauk says:

    wow a bk in mexico? … wow a bk in mexico? its nice to know bks in other countries well done mate and nice upload jabroo keep uploading more clips please defo keep us all updated many thanks for uploading 🙂

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