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American Brat Terrier Desatarian Hybrid Dog Show

0 American Brat Terrier Desatarian Hybrid Dog ShowStanddards: Head is curved, neck is muscled, strong legs, compact feet, deep wide set chest, medium muzzle. Bat ears held to the side, always high, long tail, held high, active, friendly breed of dog, loving, smart devoted to family.
(Please Note: Each BRAT comes out diffrently and may not fit every standard. I just made this because I see the BRAT needs to be shown on video more.)
Dog Breed: American Brat Terrier
Dog Name: Serenity
Color: Black/white
Age 5 and a half months (now over a year, she was a pup in this vid.)
Registration code: 9094857382777 (made up)

Family History: Mom(Sadie), Dad(Samson), brother Sherlock, sisters Sally & Sophie (All relatives are pure breed Brat Terriers.

Duration : 0:2:42

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4 Responses to “American Brat Terrier Desatarian Hybrid Dog Show”

  1. animalvidsforyou says:

    Thanks for watching … Thanks for watching. The breed doesn’t really have standards since they come out diffrently. I was just bored when I made this I guess lol. Thanks for your comment.

  2. theme57 says:

    Mine is actually a … Mine is actually a bit different from yours. His body is much like a boston, not sure about his head though haha. His tail is snipped and he has very nice markings. Also that he looks a lot more muscular then your brat, but then again he did steal 5 and 10lbs weights a couple years back haha. Overall I like the breed so far because they love to cuddle, are nice little guys and put up with a lot haha.

  3. animalvidsforyou says:

    Yea, they are a … Yea, they are a really cool hybrid dog!

  4. theme57 says:

    We have a brat too … We have a brat too haha

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